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ribonakaciao's Journal

Ribonakaciao: Ribon, Nakayoshi, & Ciao Manga Club!
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The community for Fans of Ribon, Nakayoshi, and Ciao Shoujo Manga Magazine!



Hello! Welcome to Ribonakaciao Fan Club. This is a Livejournal community for the Shoujo Manga magazines Ribon, Nakayoshi, and Ciao. You can get these magazines at Akadot Retail. You used to be able to get them at Sasuga Books but it closed down.

Official sites

You can post anything on series that have run in the past, present, and future in all three magazines. You can talk about your favorite characters, the latest chapters, post avatars, cosplays, fan art, fan fiction, scanlations, and anything else you can think of. Just remember that spoilers to series go under a cut! You may also talk about TV series based on mangas featured in the magazines.

You can buy, sell, and trade Ribon, Nakayoshi, and Ciao related items such as the magazines or furoku. You can also sell the mangas of series that were run in any language. All transactions are between you and the buyer/seller. You may post feedback if you wish.

Please do not use fowl language or pick on people. ^_^; I'd rather keep this community a friendly environment.

Now that you've read the rules, go ahead and check things out and post! Have fun!!!

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